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As tiers we are looking to make streamers with a clear and nice contoured wing. For this reason we launch a new great product: Troutline Two Tone Rabbit Zonker Strips. These strips are from domestic rabbit, the skins are carefully tanned and dyed in one main color.

The entire process is not easy, is time consuming and needs a lot of attention but the result is fantastic!:

each skin is selected to meet our requirements: thin skin and dense hair

first dying process will give the main color

the second dying process is special, only the tips of fibers are dyed. In this way, the color of the fur close to the skin remain dyed in the main color and the tips will be dyed in the second color-nice shinny black.

the skin will be cut carefully in 4mm strips

the final result is very nice: 4mm tanned strips with soft with fluffy hair dyed very nice

Our two tone zonker strips will give you a great contrast when you will tye your streamers and will be more atractive then classic ones in one solid color!

Product Details:

4mm soft tanned two tones rabbit strips

nice colored strips

nice contrast with a clear contour

full of movement hair

a great solution for streamer wings that needs contrast in wings

2 strips/bag

length of one strip is between 30-35cm!

Troutline Two Tone Zonker strips 4mm

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