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Guided days on the water

One to One

One to One days are perfect for an in depth look at specific techniques, be it River or Stillwater fishing!

Group Days

Group Days give a group of friends or members of an angling club a look at what its all about without booking individual days.

As an avid competition angler, I'm well up to speed with the latest techniques, flies and equipment. Techniques such as Euro Nymphing which is the current boom among River Fishing anglers has been used at the top level for well over a decade now!

Knowledge of these techniques and a vast knowledge of various Lakes and Rivers around the UK, mean I do not always guide in my local area. I will often suggest alternative options on locations should the conditions not be suitable at the 1st choice venue. The Welsh Dee is a particular favorite of mine for example, a round trip of nearly 500 miles!

Your day with me is tailored to fit your needs, not mine. Clients are encouraged to speak out about their angling problems, such as losing fish, understanding of watercraft or what fly to use.

There are many guides to chose from, so it is important you pick the right person to help you on your day. Remember, FlyFishNorth is about making YOU put more fish in your net. My knowledge and experience from competing in different countries means I have more than a few tricks up my sleeve to help you achieve this!


A Half Day ( 4 Hours )

1 Person - £100

2 People - £160

A Full Day ( 7-8 Hours, depending on light)

1 Person - £160

2 People - £220

Group Days - Please contact for a quote!

Prices do not include fishing ticket, and equipment which can be loaned for an additional £20 (waders & clothing not included). Flies for the day are provided throughout however. Clients must themselves be in possession of a valid EA Rod Licence. An additional Fuel Charge may apply for long distance travel, please allow for this too for bookings not within a 150 mile round trip of Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1.

A tailored guided day can upon request include focusing on some of the following techniques - 

Stillwater Fishing

  • Dry Fly

  • Nymphing (Straight Line & Washing Style)

  • Lure Fishing

  • Boatcraft and Handling Skills

  • Dealing with different sink rates when fishing sinking lines

  • Setting up the drift and using the droque

River Fishing

  • Euro Nymphing (French, Czech, Spanish etc)

  • Classic Wet Fly

  • Dry Fly 

  • Watercraft

  • Playing and Landing a fish

  • How to be a better wader

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