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Troutline Tactical European Nymphing Fly Line is our new generation of nymphing line developed for fishing with nymphs using European styles like short nymphing, dynamic nymphing and long nymphing.

Nymphing line Details:

super thin line 0.58mm diameter

floating line

both ends are colored in orange

both ends have velved micro loop

designed for fishing with nymphs at long distance and short distance in the same time

can be used also for fishing with wet flies and small and delicate cdc dry flies

can be used in competitions because respect the competition rules!

The line is colored in dark grey-brown with both ends colored in orange. The colored ends will help fishermen to locate better where are the tippet with flies if he fish at long distance. The thin core and super thin coating means less weight and all of these properties increase the sensitivity of the line .

This line helps fishermen to use small nymphs at long distances!

Troutline Tactical European Nymphing Fly Line

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