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Based on fly fishermen requests in years and years of fishing with nymphs , streamers and buzzers finally a new products was developed for simplifying the construction of leaders and droppers. Made of a special alloy of titanium and stainless steel with our Japanese partners we produced these fantastic micro rings. Polished and with smooth margins these rings are so light that can float. More than that are so resistant and easy to you that a lot of fishermen start to love them instantly. So we are very proud that our Special Fly Fishing micro rings are products that help fishermen to have a better fishing experience and will not loose time changing and tying droppers, leaders or connecting wire tippets for big predator to mono leaders.

Technical Details:

a special formula alloy based on titanium and stainless steel made in Japan

Made in Japan by Maruto

very light micro polished rings

smooth margins that will not cut tippet like cheap Chinese products

so light that can float and can be used not for nymphing, or fishing with streamers or wet flies but also with dry flies too

black gun color

can be used down to 0.05mm tippets

10pcs/bag pached ny hand in our shop.

Size available:

2mm micro rings outside diameter and 1.8mm inside diameter- perfect for nymph fishing, wet fishing and even dry fly fishing

2.5mm micro rings outside diameter and 2.1mm inside diameter- perfect for fishing with big nymphs and streamers ( trout fishing, stealhead fishing, saltwater fishing, lake fishing)

3.1mm micro rings outside diameter and 2.8mm inside diameter - can be used for big predator fishing like pike fishing, big trout fishing, stealhead fishing and saltwater fishing


How to use them:


Tie a a special fly fishing micro ring on the end of your leader then tie the tippet onto the ring . In this way when you have to change flies will use only tippet and when gets short you can tie a new piece of tippet to the ring without using parts of leader. In this way you will not consume the leader and will increase the live of your leader!

You can use them like connectors between two parts of mono in leader construction. You can attach also droppers!

You can use like a connector between wire tippet and mono tippet. They are a fantastic alternative at complicated and difficult knots between wire or Kevlar tippets and mono leaders.

Be aware by cheap copies that are not good, they are too heavy with sharp margins that you will make fishing a hell. Some rings are used in carp fishing but those are for boilies carp bait and are not strong enough and smooth enough for fly fishing!

Troutline Special Fly Fishing Micro Rings

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