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The Troutline Pure Squirrel Dubbing is a premium choice for fly tiers who want high-quality dubbing for their nymphs, dry flies, emergers, and wet flies. With a range of beautiful colors available, this dubbing can be used on hooks ranging from #20 to #8.

It is made of 100% Squirrel Fur

The fur is hand cut from tanned skin only

Dyed in multitude of colors

Superb quality - the best we can provide

Fur is from tanned cleaned fur

no dirt, no blood or grease!

Experience the difference with the Troutline Pure Squirrel Dubbing, a high-quality option for your flies.

Everybody knows how difficult is to find good quality dubbing of squirrel. More than that almost all squirrel dubbing in market is cut with machines and not with hand. If is cut with hand the guard hair is nice and long with the correct texture. We received a lot of requests from fishermen and tiers to provide a quality hand cut 100% squirrel dubbing because out there you will find only mixed squirrel dubbing. So we decide to provide to our clients only 100% pure squirrel dubbing cut only from tanned skins carefully cleaned and inspected to have only the best and shinny hair.

Our recipe is made based on red belly squirrel, grey squirrel and a little bit of pine squirrel. The mixing process is made only with compressed air and we don't use grinders. A grinder will cut the guard hair in pieces exactly like an automatic cut machine. All the elasticity and the texture of the fibers will be compromised. We Guarantee a dubbing with fabulous natural and dyed colors. The texture will impress everybody without a question. You can use for dry flies, emergers and nymph!

Troutline Pure Squirrel Dubbing

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