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Troutline Muskrat Zonker Strips 3mm are made of premium muskrat skins tanned and selected to have super dense fur and thin skin. As you can see in photos, the underfur is very well Highlighted as well the guard fur. The effect in water is very attractive and streamers tied with muskrat fur work excellent in water and currents.

We carefully select each skin to have a super dense underfur with nice and shinny rusty margins and guard fur in perfect condition!

superb natural grey color with honey-brown margins

olive dyed strips have also a nice natural rusty brown margins due to dyed over natural shades

black is solid

strips in aprox 3mm wide with super soft tanned skins

dense fur and guard fur

suits for micro and medium zonker streamers

packed in bags of aprox 50-55cm

Troutline Muskrat Zonker Strips 3mm

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