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Troutline Grey Squirrel Zonker Strips are great for tying medium and small streamers. Compared with Pine Squirrel, the Grey Squirrel is larger and the fur has longer fibers. We are very happy to have this excellent tying material in our shop.

Squirrel is a superb material for creating micro streamers - it provides a nice silhouette that's sure to attract the attention of even the most discerning fish. Its excellent movement in the water ensures that you have one of the best materials for increasing your chances of catching fish.

Squirrel Zonkers Details:

zonkers from tanned grey squirrel skins

aprox 2mm-2.5mm wide/strip

packing minimum 60cm strips/bag

dense hair and guard hair

tanned and soft skins to help fishermen to make better flies

carefully dyed to provide shinny colors

We recommend for:

perfect for tying small and medium size river streamers

perfect for making patterns for trout and saltwater fish

great for other predators if is used for tailing

zonker patterns will work excellent for perch, bass, trout, chub, big grayling

Troutline Grey Squirrel Zonker

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