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We provide a nice selection of tanned zonkers strips from rabbit fur. All these zonkers are dense and fluffy and the skin is soft. You can tie beautiful zonker flies or other type of streamers for predators like trout, pike, zander or saltwater fish.

The zonkers are cut in the natural hair growing direction so the position of the hair on your streamers will stay exactly like is recommended to be: natural orientated on back.

Product Details:

the strips have 4mm wide

2 strips delivered in one bag

total length of the strips is minimum 60cm

skin is tanned

hair is nicely dyed based on cold dye technology to provide the brightest color possible

Tying info:

perfect for zonkers, buggy streamers or other type of streamers

can be used for making wings, tails or ribbing and forming fluffy bodies

Troutline Classic Zonker Strips 4mm

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