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The Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes gives added life to your flies and are bold and buggy with slit, amphibian eyes for versatile use.

These eyes are very vibrant and quality designed to trigger aggressive strikes from fish. They are bright, bold and buggy and feature a slim, vertical shaped pupil, like an amphibian.

This makes it easy to create and imitate a variety of fly patterns and other creatures like reptiles, baitfish, rodents and other creatures fish love to eat!

The Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes are designed to fit and match the Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper And Slider Bodies. You can select your choice of size and colours from the drop down menu. There are 20 eyes provided per pack.

Bright, bold and buggy
Trigger aggressive strikes from gamefish
Versatile; Imitate a variety of amphibians
Designed to fit and match the full range of Surface Seducer foam products
20 eyes (10 pairs per pack)


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